Senior Living Computer Classes

I offer hands on computer tutorial classes, in senior living and nursing homes. I teach basic computer navigation, safe internet surfing, basic computer repair & lots more. There is lots of Q&A, for specific issues people will have.

Classes Schedule - They can be scheduled by at your discretion, we like to do classed once or twice a month, each class is always something different, yet has the basics.


Class Duration - 60 minutes of tutorial plus up to 60 minutes of Questions & Answers as needed


Pricing -  No Cost, We accept tips, but in no way required. 


Discount PC Repair Pricing - (does NOT include parts if needed)

Onsite Repair - $40/hr  ($20/hr after first Hour)

I come to you, and work on computer there. 

Pick Up-Drop Off$40/hr  ($20/hr after first Hour)

I come to you, unhook and take your computer and fix it, then return and hook back up.

Drop Off$20/hr 

You bring it to me to work on then pick up when complete.