Computer Repair

In Shop (come to me) - $20/ Hour + Hardware Cost

Call before coming (9am-10pm)

Onsite - $40/ Hour + Hardware Cost***

Arrive within 12 hours

Emergency 24/7 Service - $80/ Hour + Hardware Costs

Arrive within 1 hour

Custom Built Computer - $100 + Hardware/Software Cost

Full deposit at start one week build time or less.

Web Design & Web Services

Website Updates - $40/ Hour
***Businesses will receive portal access after calling and requesting support, after that you can submit support tickets online or by phone, monitor and track tickets and pay invoices.

Onsite service time starts at start of driving to location, one hour charge minimum, in one hour rounded blocks. I do carry concealed in all legal areas and by calling me out you give me permission to carry on site for my safety and protection of your equipment.