Computer Repair 

In Shop (come to me) - $100/Hour + Hardware Cost

Call before coming (9 am-10 pm)

Onsite - $150/ Hour + Hardware Cost***

Arrive within 1 to 12 hours, call for schedule, but most days within 2 hours if needed.

Emergency 24/7 Service - $200/ Hour + Hardware Costs***

Arrive within 1 hour

Custom Built Computer - $200 + Hardware Cost if not provided

Full deposit at the start of one week build time or less.

Web Design & Web Services

Website Support - $100/ Hour

Onsite service time starts at the start of driving to the location, with a one-hour charge minimum, in one-hour rounded blocks. I carry concealed in all legal areas, and by calling me out, you permit me to carry on-site for my safety and the protection of your equipment.

Specialty Services*


Data Recovery

CNC/3d Printing

Sewing/ Embroidery Machine Repair



Water Damage Recovery

Insurance Estimates 

Data Forensics

Person Location

Audio Video Surveillance

Smart Home Devices

 Vintage Technology

 * Some specialty service prices vary from job to job